Windows 8 and Avast black screen problem |SOLVED

Avast Black Screen Problem – windows 8 | solved

You might have encountered a black screen problem after installing Avast antivirus on your Windows 8 operating system. You would notice that once your account loads the screen automatically turns black and you won’t be able to see anything except a moveable cursor.

I recently encountered this problem and I didn’t have any clue as well. I tried to start a new process (explorer.exe) using task manager but looked like it was blocked as it was not appearing under the process tab.  I guessed that it could be Avast,  I’m not blaming avast personally but all antiviruses act weirdly sometimes Tongue Out (My past experience) . The only reason I’m using avast is because its free and also I could get a paid version for free. Want to know more? Read:  How to get Avast Internet Security 3Yr License For Free


How to solve Windows 8 black screen problem caused by Avast antivirus

  • Turn on your computer and log in
  • Once you are logged in, you would get a black screen with a moveable cursor
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and open Task manager

Windows 8 Task Manager


  • Go to start-up tab and right click on Avast antivirus and click on open file location


Windows 8 startup


  • Now double click on AvastUI,  It will open the Avast Interface


avast ui


  • Go to security –> Behavior Shield —> Settings


  • avast behaviour shield


  • Click on Trusted Processes on the left and  add the below mentioned path to the list

          C:\Windows\explorer.exe  and  C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe


Avast Trusted Process


Following this procedure will definitely help you solve the black screen problem. In case its not resolved. Go to  Avast –>security –> Behavior Shield —> Settings and under main settings untick “Monitor the system for unauthorized modifications” and click OK.

Do let me know, if my tutorial helped you and if it did do leave your valuable comment.  If you have any more questions, just shoot your question at BleepingTech Forum



Author: Anish Sangamam

My Bio goes beyond Studies .More precisely, I am a Part time blogger. My mission is simple, To connect with people and to help them.I love to learn and experiment and takes on any challenge that comes in my way.

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  1. thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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    • Is there a way to do this for updated versions of avast? Mine doesn’t have the security tab on the top and I can’t find trusted in any of the tabs.

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  2. thanks a lot for your good guide.

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    • Try to work in safe mode. Try to hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc a couple of times or Ctrl + Alt + Del in safe mode.

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  4. Really thank you soo much for your help..
    and now I can run avast in my 3: windows 8..
    where should I got to follow your tech news in up-to-date mam?

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  5. Really thank you soo much for your help mam…
    I can run my avast happily..
    and can you help me with this problem plzz?
    its my windows 8 metro apps are crashing after an update
    even when I dint got avast installed.. The apps are killing…

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  6. I have problem.pls help…..
    Windows 8 store opens and get closed directly without any warning.
    pls help

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  7. hi every one.
    i still cant open task manager using all your key combinations its still not working on my win8 laptop.
    it says APP STOPS WORKING ENDTASK? and also i cant get through safe mode i need help. :(

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