VPN Protection, Free! : Kepard to Give Away 10 Premium VPN Accounts at No Charge

Kepard Give Away: 10 Premium VPN Accounts for Free

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could surf the World Wide Web without worrying about viruses, malware and other threats? That wasn’t possible before, but modern technology has taken a giant leap forward. Kepard provides the very best VPN service for any requirements, guaranteeing that you can take advantage of everything the Internet offers without worrying that you’ll be victimized.

Kepard has garnered a reputation for providing the strongest protection and encryption for users, and that robust protection is now up for grabs with the company’s giveaway. 10 lucky winners get to enjoy everything that Kepard’s VPN service has to offer – each winner gets a fully functional premium VPN account. What’s more – there’s no cost at all for a full 12 months!

Known for taking a proactive stance to user security and privacy protection, Kepard leads the industry in supporting a variety of operating systems and devices. Featuring the highest upload and download speeds, the company also provides protection all around the world (in 5 different countries). You’ll also enjoy the ability to change servers anytime you want, with just the click of a mouse. Learn more about VPN.


VPN Protection, Free! : Kepard to Give Away 10 Premium VPN Accounts at No Charge


Is This Protection for You?

Do you really need this level of protection? Actually, everyone can benefit from greater online security and privacy. With the increasing risk of government monitoring, being infected with a malicious virus, malware and being hacked, this level of protection just makes sense. Kepard can provide you with VPN services that include UK, Canadian and US VPN service, but they’re also active in many other areas of the world. However, there’s more here than just protection from viruses and hackers. You never need to worry that anyone but you can see your data, and that includes the government.


I Want to Enter Now!

Are you ready to get your name in the hat for this great giveaway? Great – all you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

1. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page here. Tell us why you should be chosen as one of the 10 winners!

2. Get your Twitter followers engaged. Tweet this to them: You can win 1 of 10 premium VPN accounts from @kepard (RT to enter)

3. Make sure you visit the Kepard Facebook page and click the like button.

4.  Share this giveaway on Facebook- Mandatory

5.  Visit the BleepingTech Facebook Page and click the like button. Then, make sure you come back, because this is where the winners will be announced.


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This giveaway will end on 05/21/2013


Good luck, and keep checking back to see if you’ve won!




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  1. Thanks for this giveaway.
    I need to keep my privacy when browsing the Internet.

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  2. I need vpn to surf blocked websites from my college.

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  3. I love to be private online and I love to watch foreign shows as well!

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  4. Thank you so much that I’m one of the winners. Congratulation also to other winners. Thank you BleepingTech and Kepard :)

    Waiting for activation :)

    Post a Reply
    • Welcome TorVic. It will take some time for the kepard team to activate your account.

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  5. At least I won somewhere on earth :) Thanx a lot BleepingTech for the giveaway. Because I live in Iran as you know I need such stuffs to surf the web!!! Because with direct connection people are unable to reach nearly all popular websites!!! Can’t wait till my account activation ;)

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  6. Hello Trilma, I am waiting for the accounts ! :( When will i get it ?

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  7. Wow, thanks for choosing me as a winner! I’ve been away on vacation and just found the great news in my email. Thanks again!

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    • Your welcome Lisa. Thanks for participating. Stay tuned for more useful info and gifts

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