black hat seo
Ah yes, Grasshopper, you consider yourself a master of the art of black hat SEO. Is it not time to consider the path you have taken? Anyone with even a basic grasp of the Harry Potter story knows that Lord Voldemort and Draco Malfoy have demonstrated beyond any reasonable question the futility of the black arts (although to the best of our knowledge neither one was all that concerned about building web traffic).

blackhat marketing infographic

So, we suggest you study this insightful infographic using your cold, steely eye to judge yourself against the truths presented therein. (By the way, you can leave your other eye in your pocket for safe keeping.)

Do you stuff keywords down your underwear when no one is looking? Does your text input default to 1-point type? Are you harvesting your “friend’s” wheat for less than honorable reasons in Farmville?

Please, stop now! And btw, everyone knows that Words With Friends is by far the best way to grow links via social media!

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