With plenty of reasons to love WordPress, plugins are some of the big ones. The best thing about wordpress plugins is their ability to add a million (okay, maybe not a million persay) different options to your website, and it is completely free. There are plugins that are available for a fee, which are made my other websites, but of the current 21,366 plugins, all users can enjoy them at no cost.


Some websites are made to be strictly creative in terms of being able to display photos or paintings or any other artistic pieces. Finding a plugin for these kinds of websites can take some time and some trials to see what works the best. I recently went through such a quest. After searching through multiple plugins, I found one I believe works the best:  NextGEN Gallery.


Like other plugins, this one was very easy to add to my own personal website: click, download, upload, install, activate, done.


To be able to use the plugin, here are the simple steps:


  • Go to the Gallery option toward the bottom left of your dashboard panel.
  • Click on “Add Gallery / Images” to create a new gallery > choose “Add new gallery”.
  • Upload photos to upload by clicking the “Select Files” button > choose which photos you wish to upload. You can choose to scale your images to a certain size and also choose which Gallery to put the photos in.
  • Go to the Manage Gallery option toward the bottom of the dashboard panel.
  • Click on the gallery you want to edit and add things like the Title, Description, Tags, and even adjust your thumbnail photo.
  • After that, visit any page or post, click the “NextGEN Gallery” option, and it will automatically add the code for your gallery into your page or post.

WordPress and its tens of thousands of plugins make the life of a web creator, web owner and/or webmaster much easier with such easy click and go options.


The best pieces of advice I have for those looking for plugins is look at the rating, look at the screenshots and, above all, try it out. I tried at least five others before deciding ultimately on this one. It is by far the nicest gallery-style plugin I found. But other web owners may find better ones because the plugin may suit their needs better. So try and do.

Good luck.


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