Windows 8 Fix : This app can’t open for Built-in Administrator account

You might have encountered with this strange and annoying error.  This app can’t open for Built-in Administrator account please sign in with a different account and try again. or  while User Account Control is turned off. You need to turn on UAC  There is an easy solution for the error.  


This app can't open for Built-in Administrator account -


Solution for Windows 8 App Error:

  • Hold the  Windows key + R  and in run dialog box type: secpol.msc


Windows key + R



  • Go to Local Policies –> Security Options –> Scroll down and find “User Access Control: Admin Approval Mode For built in…..”


UAC admin approval


  • Double click on it and select enabled and the press ok




  • Again press windows key and R and type  regedit
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\UIPI




  • And on the right hand side double click on default and change the value to 0x00000001(1) and click ok
  • Restart your computer and all the apps should work.


Do let me know if this has solved your problem.  You can give your valuable feedback using the comment box below.


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Author: Anish Sangamam

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  1. You have typos in your post.
    1) UIPO -> UIPI
    2) 0×0000001 (1) -> 0×00000001 (1)

    Anyway, it didn’t help me. I wanted to disable UAC for my own account (administrator account, but not the built-in Administrator), while still being able to access Windows 8 Apps.

  2. thanks for pro, i’m from vietnamese

  3. my computer can’t find secpol.msc in the run menu, but i found it by searching the Windows drive. when the Local Security Policy window comes up, i get this error message: X MMC could not create the snap-in.

    any thoughts on how to fix this, good people?

    I’m running the computer using the built-in admin.

  4. Yes, it works on windows blue 8.1

  5. Just in case you put 0×00000001(1)


    0×00000001 (1)

    Minor thing but…

  6. Trima
    Great its working Goood!! Thanks
    can you share your Blog name

  7. This is driving me batty!!

    I am on 8.1. Some apps aren’t showing up (netflix, ebay, etc).

    My account was initially an administrator. For some stupid reason, you can’t see apps as an admin (WHY? SO STUPID). So I created another account, made that account the admin, then made my original account standard. Still not working. The App Troubleshooter from Microsoft says I am not signed in through a Microsoft account, which I clearly am.

    I tried your fix. I must be working on some crap stock version of 8.1…it has gpedit and secpol on it (searching through folders), but I cannot open them nor change local security policies. MMC cannot open the file. This may be because the file does not exist (WTH? I just clicked on it), is not an MMC console, or I don’t have sufficient rights (even running as admin).

    I can’t believe Microsoft is putting out this crap operating system. SO frustrating and pointless. Second day of trying to get this working.

    If I create a new user account (non-admin) and sign in with the microsoft account, the apps all show up BUT ALL MY PROGRAM configurations… Outlook email accounts are in the original admin account and it would take me another half a day to reset up all my programs, internet settings, etc. What a piece of junk!

    • Is your Windows 8 genuine? If it is then please contact Microsoft support they should be able to rectify the issue. or Try to update Windows 8.1 or perform system restore.

      If you have team viewer, I can try to check what’s wrong.

  8. You are Genius Bro. Worked for me.
    Keep on doing such gr8 work

  9. I installed Skype and it was working until I started the PC today. I was just getting the error message. After making the described changes Skype started on its own again as soon as I rebooted.

    Thank you.

  10. thanks for sharing
    but still can’t switch to micorosft account from the administrator built-in account on windows 8.1 update 1
    you know any way to fix
    so help me dear bloger
    thanks again
    regards :

  11. Thank you. That worked for me. Saved me a lot of grief.

  12. Thank you… I used it for the same problem with my newly installed Windows10 and it worked very well for me… kind regards. Kevin

  13. thanks so much . it was really a big problem to me and you kindly solve it.

  14. “Windows cannot find ‘secpol.msc’. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again”

  15. thanks so much . it was really a big problem to me and you kindly solve it.

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