do follow no follow

Do Follow and No Follow are popular terms used by blogger all over.Understanding these terms is very important if you are trying to build backlinks for your blog.backlinks helps in increasing search engine rankings.For the newbies i will make this topic more simple and easy to understand.

Any link you see is either Do Follow or No Follow. Do follow and No Follow are attributes associated with the links.more precisely links between two websites.

This is a Do Follow link.You may check this links using a Do follow Checker for Firefox and for Chrome

Ok lets look into the code.this is a Do Follow link

Now I will make the same link No Follow by adding some HTML to the code

Check the code

I have added a No Follow attribute to the code. rel=”external nofollow”
Thats it.its very simple to make a link no follow.By adding a No Follow attribute you tell the Spiders not to crawl the link.A No Follow links is not Counted as a backlink.In simple words No follow links takes the visitor to the destination website but google doesn’t count the link. And  Vice versa for Do Follow  links.

i follow u
Funny pic with grammatical mistake

Advantages of Do follow Links:

  • Quality Backlinks from other Do Follow blogs
  • Lots of comments for your posts 
  • Requests for Link Exchange from Do Follow blogs
  • Increases your Traffic

Disadvantages of Do follow Links:

  • You get lots of comments but most comments will be solely for getting Backlinks
  • Mostly no Quality comments for your post.most as comments will be like ” great post” ” etc 
  • Increases Spammers
  • You loose some link Juice 
  • You waste a lot of time moderating spam comments

Advantages of No follow Links:

  • Spammer wont be attracted to your less spam
  • You get sincere comments for your post
  • Link Juice will no be distributed
  • Less time for moderating comments
  • Interested visitors will visit your blog.less but you get Quality Traffic

Disadvantages of No follow Links:

  • You get Fewer comments
  • Less request for link exchange 
  • Traffic gets slightly decreased