Ways to Keep Your Mac Lasts Forever


Are you wondering about the things that could help you save your Mac from destruction and keep it forever? Well, it is a hard task but you could actually keep your Mac longer if you just observe proper measure to save it from obliteration.


  • There is no overheating however if you are going to cork a display externally, let the lip of your computer open. Actually, Macs are designed not to be turned off. Unless you are traveling, having a long trip or you are going to put your computer in to storage, you must turn it on. But you also have the option to put it to sleep.
  • Keep in mind that air with low humidity is not very competent in transporting heat therefore you must keep an eye on the relative humidity. Actually, you could try to keep it at 45% or even higher. You might also wish to search out a silent fan to soothingly blow air on your Mac. The cooler the mainframe, the better off the solid state components would be.
  • You have the option to install any suitable and reliable program that could monitor the internal temperature of your computer. This will permit you to keep an eye on the comfort level of your Mac. The key for a lasting chip is a cool one.
  • One of the most important reasons that your Macbook, for the most part notebooks, are finished of aluminum is because its body performs as a passive heat sink, thus the computer is premeditated to be warm. If you would want to acquire more control above the ventilation and thermal load, you could get SMC fan control for your computer.
  • Update it regularly. Update all software and applications because your computer can work faster in a new system rather than an obsolete one. Updating your software can also help you detect if there is something wrong with your computer.
  • Keep away drinks from it or food for that matter. Your Mac is not water resistant. If you are drinking keep it away from your computer to prevent physical damage especially if the liquid leaked into the internal parts of the computer. Also clean your Mac if there are pieces of foods left especially from crackers. These could attract insects that might ruin your keypad.
  • Don’t download things that you are not sure of downloading. You must be careful since you need to keep an available space for you computer to function well.
  • Don’t drop it. Simple rule! Your Mac can actually be broken into pieces if you are not careful while using or bringing it somewhere.
  • Mac OS wants to have more space available that is why don’t just put anything in it. It also works fast if there is more RAM (preferably for normal uses 4GB and 8GB if you are doing pro-level stuff). It could help you extend the life of your hardware.