Pinterest has recently introduced a new verified website feature which will not only verify your website but also help you get a do follow backlink.Today I will guide you to verify website on Pinterest. Its very simple as it a simple HTML file verification method. In this process a user is asked to upload an HTML file on his webserver which helps to verify his/her website.

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Why you need to verify website on Pinterest?


Verifying your website lets people see the full URL on your profile and in search results. And you also get a do follow back link from Pinterest.  Wouldn’t it be great to get a quality backlink from a website that has very high authority?


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How to Verify Website on Pinterest



  • Login to Pinterest and hover your mouse on your profile pic (Top right corner)


verify website on pinterest


  • Scroll down and enter your website name and click on verify website


verify website on Pinterest

  • Click on the verify button, a new page with the below details will appear


pinterest verification

  • Download the HTML verification file and then upload the same on your web-server.  You can use your default file manager as well.


  • Once the file is uploaded , press click here to complete process


  • If you have uploaded the file correctly,it will display a message saying  “We have successfully verified your website “


Verified message on pinterest

  • Go to your profile page and then you would notice a red tick next to your website URL.


verifed profile on Pinterest



[box style=”tip”]How do i know if its a do follow link?[/box]

The easiest way to check is by viewing the source code . Press Ctrl + U or Right click on the page and select view page source. 

Press Ctrl + F and find your website url , For example if you check the below screenshot you would notice that there is no no follow tag applied on the url.


 <a href="" class="colorless" target="_blank">

 <span class=" DomainVerified "> </span>

Another way to check if a site is no follow or dofollow is using browser add-ons. SEO quake and similar add-on will help you check no follow links. If you encounter problems while verifying your site do let me know via your comments