Hello guys! I’m back with a new post on how to transform your twitter page online without any hassles.My previous post was Create a chat room using TaPingYa. which was completely different from what i have posted now.
Everyone who has twitter account love to make their profile pages unique and attractive.so we keep trying to change the background image using the traditional methods.or people with good Photoshop knowledge can create beautiful pages but all this is really time consuming and i can’t waste my time in just making up my twitter profile.and i was looking for a tool online that could transform my twitter page live.I came across Thememelon from colorlovers.com.and tried it out.it is just simple and create an outstanding twitter page in a matter of minutes.

Amazing Features : 

  • A Variety of  Themes to choose from
  • 2000+ backgrounds & Layouts
  • Wide range of Patterns and pallets to choose 
  • Shuffle layout function 
  • You can even customize your background color,text color,link color,sidebar fill color,sidebar border color

Steps on how to transform your twitter profile instantly:

  • Go to Thememelon  (Make sure that you are logged into twitter)

twitter background

  • Choose your Favorite theme from the long list of the available themes
  • you may also choose patterns instead of themes
  • Customize the background color,text color,link color,sidebar fill color,sidebar border color according to your wish 
  • After you have done making your new twitter page.click in Save profile
  • You will be redirected to Twitter 

See how easy it is.no need no Photoshop knowledge or wasting time for finding background images.feel free to comment and share your views

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