According to recent studies, website downtime can directly impact the reputation of a particular business or website. Customers have this tendency to think that your products and/or services would also be slow or ineffective as your site is and would hence look elsewhere instead. Basically, a bad site, can imply a bad business. The main goal of every owner of a website for their business is to gain profit from their online existence. The errors that your website can have can cause you to lose profit. Visitors and guests that regrettably visit your website during a downtime would barely ever revisit your site again.
monitor down time

Yet another current study has established that preventing even the smallest possible error is extremely critical since this could encompass a considerable impact. For example, if the website’s uptime is ninety-nine percent, then the owner of the website would think that such is an ideal figure. He would hardly ever take into account that this means that his site is not accessible to the public for approximately seven hours per month. It would be close to impossible to closely monitor your site by yourself; thus, it would be best to consider availing of expert web monitoring services.

The first as well as main purpose of web monitoring services is to closely monitor you online site at frequent intervals in order to make sure that your site and everything that is in it is functioning flawlessly. You will be the one to decide the interval of each check. A good web monitoring service provider could provide you with intervals such as five, ten twenty, thirty and sixty minutes. With a reliable monitoring service, you will have a greater peace of mind knowing that your site is under vigilant watch throughout the entire year and that none of your clients would ever leave your website disappointed or dissatisfied.

Reputable monitoring service providers have several servers situated all around the world and should a failure in connection be observed at one or more locations, you will immediately be notified through email, MSN or SMS, so you would be able to perform the needed action right away. Good web monitoring service providers will also provide you with both historical and real-time data, which you can use to monitor the downtime and uptime facts of your website. You can choose to acquire such reports every day, every week or every month, depending on your preference.

Technical issues as well as downtime can negatively impact the ranking of your website because of bounce rates. Nobody would ever reconsider visiting your site again, if it is down the first time they checked. Website monitoring services will ensure the real-time functioning and availability of your site.