Android phones nowadays are coming with better features and have become so powerful that they can perform various tasks which were only the territory of computers and laptops. With the great powers however comes one another thing- low battery life!

Android phone owners have become increasingly wary about the battery life as these powerful gadgets can no longer sustain for long period of time and one has to constantly look out for a power outlet in case of travels. Following are some tips to save you from such situations.

1. Decrease The Screen Brightness

The large screen of an Android phone is the main culprit behind battery drainage. Hence make sure that not much energy is flowing away from that path. Lower the screen brightness to a more economical yet visible mode, use a dark or preferably black background for the wall paper, keep the screen timeout to a low value so that the screen switches off when not in use.

2. Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G Services Etc.

Connectivity tools such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc. consume a lot of charge and hence it is advised to turn them off once you are not using them while turning them on only when you need them.


3. Turn Off Location Service
Location services like GPS and Maps can come handy if you are in an unknown neighborhood. However if you are in familiar territory like you house, you better turn them off to conserve battery charge.

4. Use App Killers

It is always convenient to go back to the main screen from any application just by pressing the red button. However this practice drains battery as the application is in fact running in the background. You can either install the app killers to exit unused applications or better just manually exit every time you are done using an application.

5. Disable Adobe Flash

No doubt websites look great with flash and some are even built entirely on flash; it however consumes a lot of battery and is the main reason why Apple products do not support flash. Turn off Adobe flash from the settings menu in your browser. Moreover more and more sites are avoiding using flash and it is best to avoid them; unless you want to see youtube videos.

6. Check The Signal Strength

Your phone consumes more energy if it is in a place which has low signal reception as it has to work harder to catch signal. Avoid using phone in places which have low signal like the lift till you get to a place with good reception.

7. Turn Off Auto Updates

Getting auto updates for various applications like weather, news and email widgets can be real fun as you get the latest information just by having a look at the screen; it however does this on the expense of data and battery charge. Hence set the auto update feature to something more reasonable like twice a day or better check them manually when you want.

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