Top 5 Adsl2+ Modems List

Nowadays Best Adsl2+ Modems are supplied by Internet Service Providers like Optus, Bigpond, TPG, iiNet, iPrimus, BSNL etc.People who need full technical support for modems should purchase the Adsl2+ Modems from their ISP. But for others who want to purchase some of the best modems available in the market, read on.

The Adsl2+ modems that i have selected are wireless modem-routers, its easy to setup these modems and it will also help you share your internet connection with other members in the family. These devices will save you space as you won’t need separate routers,firewall,access point etc. Now you can multitask efficiently without any problem.


List of Recommended Adsl2+ Modems categorized in terms of price and quality.


Netgear N600


Top 10 Adsl2+ Modems



Netgear N600 works like a charm.Its fully loaded with lots of features.Its perfect for home and small office.I personally use this modem now and must admit it has surpassed my expectations. It is very stable and reliable.





Billion BiPAC 7800N

Billion BiPAC 7800


One of the best modems in terms of wireless connectivity. What more, it delivers the best performance for the price you pay.






Cisco Linksys X2000

Cisco Linksys XS2000


Another amazing product from Cisco. It offers high speed wireless performance,stronger connectivity but only the feature it lacks is IPv6.






Dlink 2740B

D- link 2740B
D-link modem was cheap and reliable. All in one Adsl2+ modem that looks quite nice and passes all the test.The wireless performance is quite good as well.







Asus DSL N10
Asus is a brand that is known for quality products. But this product won’t match the performance of N600 but it certainly a best price for the price