Windows 8 has been the talk of the town in the recent times and you can find several infographics on Windows 8 going viral, especially the one titled “ Top 11 features of Windows 8 ”. And finally, after a long anticipation and waiting, BleepingTech has published this infographic that is aimed at simplifying the use of Windows 8 in a series of gadgets.

Infographic on Top 11 features of Windows 8 provides a clear overview of facts, figures and features that can help the users to get acquainted with this new-fangled operating system. Also, this infographic elucidates the timeline of the various stages of development, editions and the usage of Windows 8 on manifold devices. The data and statistics of this infographic are presented in a pellucid and engaging way along with striking illustrations to alleviate easy comprehension.


Furthermore, this awe-inspiring infographic takes you on a trip through the incredible features of Windows 8.

Let’s take a look at the Top 11 Features of Windows 8


  1. Its Protogon file system ensures speedy boot times and performance improvement.

  1. Provides user friendly print and search operations.

  1. Endure complete interactivity with simplicity through metro style user interface and multi-touch mode capabilities.

  1. Features a simple and new task manager.

  1. Experience tightened cyber security with Windows Defender.

  1. Devour Internet Explorer 10 for enhanced web experience.

  1. Try out different build and runtime environments with Hyper-V Client.

  1. Integrate Skydrive functionality across other apps.

  1. Ensures faster boot and resume speeds through Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

  1. Feel free to connect multiple data storage devices on different interfaces to your PC.

  1. Boot a full version of Windows from external USB drives on Host PCs through Windows To Go feature.


Top 11 Features of Windows 8 - Inforgraphic

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Besides these features, you can find a list of pros and cons of using Windows 8 and this gives a complete round-up of what users can expect. Studies revealed that about four million upgrades were made in less than a week after the launch of this new OS. As you can see, according to the statistics, Windows 8 is used by 57.4% of laptop users, 36.9% of desktop users and 5.3 % of tablet users. Furthermore, Windows 8 requires just 17 seconds to startup and boots 55.26% faster than Windows 7. Other sources manifest that this new OS went through 1.24 billion hours of testing and is indeed a new era for enterprises, end-users and software providers.