Tips To Improve Your iPhone’s Battery

Every iPhone user finds it as a fascinating possession to one’s pocket. One can boast about its upgraded camera features, responsive talking voice assistance, gaming and more varied other unique features that define an iPhone. But there is still an area which makes us to give a little bit of concern to the beloved iPhone. We here are taking about the duration for which it can hold its juice or in simpler terms the battery life it offers for the users.

increase iPhone battery life

With various many functions that the iPhone performs in a day, the battery gets easily exhausted and then we have to get it charged once in a while or a couple of days. So is there any solution for this problem? Yeah there sure are with us the best tips to extend your iPhone’s battery:

1. Turn off the 3G/4G

3G and 4G connectivity requires more battery as they provide you with the fast data speeds and calls of higher quality. You can switch to the older EDGE version at times you do not want much of speed. This helps your battery to last longer for sure. Do this, by following this path: settings> general>network>Slide enable 3g/4g to off.


2. Choose for Auto Brightness

In a day we travel from places that are lighter and comparatively darker. By opting for the ‘Auto Brightness’ option your iPhone gives you brighter light on its screen in dark places and vice-versa. This saves a lot of juice for you to relish upon for a longer time. You can do it like this: settings app> brightness>auto-brightness on.


3. Turn off the Bluetooth

Enjoying Bluetooth services on your iPhone for connecting to wireless headsets and other such devices is fine for the battery life. But when you transfer data with some other device, using the Bluetooth then the battery gets exhausted too quickly. So do keep your Bluetooth until it’s not actually required by following this passage: settings>general>Bluetooth>move slider to off


4. Using Wi-Fi intelligently

Yet another battery consuming feature that your iPhone has with it is its Wi-Fi facility. You would be surprised to know that Wi-FI consumes even much of juice than the 3G or 4G network does! So therefore just use it when it’s needed in actual. Turn it off by following this order: settings -> Wi-Fi -> slide to off.


5. Reduce the Auto-Lock time

The iPhone, during the time it is not auto-locked consumes a lot of battery when integrated for all short intervals it keeps displaying. It is thus advisable to reduce the timing of your auto lock to minimum of 1 or 2 minutes. Get this done like this: settings>general>Auto-Lock>set the desired time (preferably 1 or 2 minutes).


6. Switch off the Equalizer on iPod app of iPhone

This one tip might not be a serious one for the audiophiles who love to hear the iPod kind of music but for all the people who would love to extend their iPhone’s battery this is a savior tip. When the equalizer on iPod app of your iPhone is switched on then it uses more of your battery. Turn it off like this: settings>iPod>EQ>select off.


7. Turn off Location Services

The one feature that you flaunt about your iPhone is surely its built-in GPS. This gives you the proper navigation, driving directions and let you know and find about the places you would go for the visit. But it needs battery power so that it can work. When you are located at a particular place like home and are not going anywhere else for a while then turn off this feature.


8. Use less cycles of Sleep/Wake

If you put your iPhone to much number of sleeps and wakes on the contrary it will drain off your battery. Try using less cycles of sleeping and waking. This helps you in really extending your iPhone’s battery.


9. Check your email accounts less often

If you wish to fetch you email accounts then try doing that with proper regulated intervals. Checking your email accounts will consume your iPhone’s battery because every time you do that, you have to access a network.


10. Try to do less battery intensive things

Not everything depends upon the way you select your iPhone settings. Battery life depends upon the way you use your iPhone. If you do a lot of browsing, gaming or use apps that use too much of battery then even the tips can’t help you in extending your battery. It’s just the way you opt to use your iPhone.


Author Bio:
Nancy Rorie is a gadget blogger who writes about latest mobile accessories such as iPhone 4 cases, iPad covers, Android sim-only value plans and much more.