In the world of gaming laptops, there are two choices – a 15-inch screen or a 17-inch screen. Other smaller sizes are irrelevant because gamers want the best, and to get the best, you need to go big.What about you? If you’re considering a gaming laptop, you might want to weigh your options first before purchasing.

You might think that a difference of two inches isn’t really felt, but for manufacturers, two inches is a lot of space to cram stuff in, so watch out.

Best Screen Size of Gaming Laptops



Here are some things to take into consideration:
Screen Size
Screen size is a big deal when it comes to gaming laptops. Normally, you’ll find that the best ones are 17 inches, because it obviously offers the biggest size.Even if they are only two inches different, it makes a big impact on how you enjoy your games. Not only that, but also the other stuff you do is affected, such as watching movies, surfing the net and doing everyday tasks.
17 inch laptops may be big, but they are known for being brutally heavy. Typically, these laptops weigh up to 10 pounds! You can practically use themfor gym weights! 15 inch laptops are lighter, but then again, your viewing experience is smaller. You’ll have to weigh these options if you want to purchase a gaming laptop that is mobile. Look for a gaming laptop that achieves a balance between features and weight.
Remember those two inches? They make a big impact inthe overall design of how hardware is stuffed inside the body.Obviously, for a 17 – inch laptop, you can cram in more parts such as RAM and video cards. For example, the Alienware M17x features two video cards for plenty of graphics processing. It can also support up to 32 GB of RAM.
For a 15 inch laptop, the best you can end up with is one high – end video card and 16 GB of RAM.While it may have lower specs, you won’t notice the difference that much anyway if the computer isn’t pushed to the limits.
Some laptop manufacturers are considerably better at one product than the other. For example, many mainstream gaming laptops can create extremely powerful 17 – inch systems, but fail to provide customers with 15 – inch models.This is the same with other manufacturers – they’re better at creating smaller laptops than making bigger ones.
In the end, you have to consider the factors listed above when choosing between a 15 – inch or 17 – inch laptop.Consider your user habits. Do you really need two video cards if you’re not going to mirror your display to an HDTV? If you really don’t have the need for that, then one video card will do.
Still, the best way to gauge the right laptop for you is to actually try one for yourself. See if you see any noticeable difference in performance between 15 and 17 inches.If you can live with a 17 – inch laptop, then go ahead. That’s probably the most powerful laptop you can have with you.
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