According to unofficial reports, the iPad Mini might be available to the public without a 3G or 4G connectivity. This is to reduce manufacturing costs on the device and to let users save on miscellaneous expenses for 3G or 4G data access. Apple is said to release a 7.85-inch tablet with only WiFi connectivity available.

Rumor has it that Apple’s iPad Mini has been exposed in its entirety for the record with some pictures that were disclosed on the internet. Apparently, a researcher named Sonny Dickson published these pictures on Twitter, starting a wave of thrill among Apple admirers.

According to the images, the device is much smaller than the typical iPad. It is believed to come with a 7.85-inch LCD and is thought to be a good competition against Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7.



The smaller version of Apple’s iPad is smaller than the original 9.7 inch tablet, making it more convenient to carry with you even without a bag. According to the pictures, the smaller iPad uses the hot new connector that first came with the iPhone 5.

Stories circulated that the prestigious gadget company gave instructions to Chinese suppliers to produce 10 million smaller iPads. Reports said that Mini’s announcement is scheduled this month, at almost the same time as the release of other tablets by Microsoft and Amazon. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t yet given official confirmation of the reports about the iPad Mini.

Although the company’s 9-inch tablet has been ruling the market, smaller but cheaper tablets started consuming the iPad’s reputation. And according to online rumors, the iPad Mini is to be available to the public on early November. According to Fortune, Apple is going to invite stakeholders and journalists to uncover the smaller iPad.

On the other hand, Amazon is already enjoying the success of the latest Fire tablets in the US. Amazon is said to make the device available to the international public on the 25th of this month. The Amazon Fire tablets come in both 7 inches and 8.9 inches display. However, the 7-inch tablet is said to be the one that will become available to the international market.

The other competition for the iPad Mini is Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Microsoft is said to introduce the Surface device at about the same time as they introduce Windows 8, which is the latest version of the world-renowned operating system and according to experts, will either make or break Microsoft’s reputation.

The competition is really stiff because all three big companies are trying to burst each other’s bubble. Microsoft tends to be the most interesting case because they have struggled with touchscreen gadgets. Their latest gadget might become a success; however, with Apple coming out with their iPad mini, the Surface tablet might look too complicated.

According to experts, the smaller iPad can have the greatest attention although it can still depend on the gadget’s price. Because there are plenty of people who desire to have an iPad but don’t have the budget and if Apple launches the smaller tablet at £250, it would be truly difficult to beat.