Here are three laptops that are perfect for students. Amongst other things, their price is low enough so that the student may just be able to afford it (in most circumstances). They are also good for doing schoolwork on. They are not geared towards gaming, entertainment or Internet surfing. They can do all of those three things, but they are not built with them in mind. They have been built with enough memory and processing power so that a student can work for hours without running out of hard drive memory or CPU power. The laptops each have their own charms which make them good for use by a student and all are available in shops and online.


Samsung NC10
Starting our little list with the least expensive seems like the right thing to do. The build quality is very high, as you would expect with a Samsung. It also feels like it is well put together and it feels like you are actually getting something for your money instead of simply buying a starter model.

The keyboard is soft which is good for people who have to bash out a lot of text over a few days. It makes the typing process as little easier. The screen is only ten inches, but it is not bad for the price you are paying. It has a RAM size of 1GB and runs at 1.6 GHz. The battery life is pretty standard and will suit the life of a student. The processor is an Intel Atom Processor, which is pretty good quality for a starter laptop.


Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420


Lenovo ThinkPad EdgeThis laptop has been created with the student in mind, which is why they have kept the price at $864. It has a Core i3 processor as well as a RAM size of 4GB. It has 320GB of hard drive, which will be enough for all of the students work, research, music and illegally downloaded movies. It is also plenty of memory for them to upload catalogues of the photos they take during their day.

It comes with a trackpointer in the keyboard. This means that the mouse pointer can be moved about the screen and clicked without the student needing to take his/her hands away from the keyboard. It is good for those students who are not good at avoiding distraction. It helps to keep the students attention focused on the screen of their laptop and nothing else. The battery life of the laptop is pretty good too.



HP Pavilion dv6z Quad Edition
Hewlett PackardAt just $1199, this laptop will suit the purposes of any student. This little beauty of a laptop has an AMD fusion processor. It is the edition known as the quad Pavilion dv6z. It has a reasonably sized screen at 15.6-inch, which is not bad when you consider the money you pay.

It is a chunky old Laptop, but since the students life should involve going from classes to the dorm room, then there is no need for them to have to store it comfortably whilst traveling. The battery life is also not great, and you will probably need to take your charger with you if you plan to use it away from your dorm for a long time.

It is good for keeping the average student entertained. It is not going to run some of the larger games that need a lot of CPU and processor power, but the student does not want to be distracted by games of such nature. A user may play games such as WOW and Final Fantasy. You can watch most sorts of movies and DVDs on the laptop and the Internet connection potential is good too. It can support Direct X 11, but you will probably have to pay for an upgrade if you want to play bigger games.


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