Doing business online these days is not complete without utilizing the opportunities available with social networking sites. Don’t get it wrong, search engines are still absolutely relevant, but the emergence and widespread of social media has created even better opportunities for business promotions and webpage optimization. Without doubt,facebook is on top of the social network pyramid. And if you want to compete favorably in the ever dynamic online community then you need to have a facebook page to help promote your business. Not just a page, but one that can really set you apart from the crowd and give your customers and visitors a wonderful experience. And how do you do this? Through the face book app store of course. There are hundreds of apps available on the app store, but the ones listed below are the best you can use to customize your facebook company page with essential facebook store apps.



Quicker buy store

Developed by a company in china that creates apps, quicker buy store can be used by companies to add facebook store to their personal facebook page or to the quicker buy website. This app is considered one of the best because it allows for the bulky product import from giant stores like Google base and eBay. The app is completely free and you can promote your business to your fans using the “share” and “like” button. Uploading products to facebook store is fast with the all in one backend that is very easy to manage.


This is the highest rated facebook commerce solution because of its capability to help you lunch a highly professional storefront on facebook. The app provides complete admin features to help you manage your store and products effectively. Customers landing on the page can make purchases just like they would in any other online e-commerce stores. It has a shopping mall with more than 1 million products from about 50,000 retailers all in one place, and you can make payments through PayPal, VisaCard, MasterCard, American Express e.t.c

First impression

We all know that in business first impression counts and that is exactly what this app was built to effectively ensure. The first impression app allows you to easily edit, create and update your facebook page using its built-in CMS. You can also use it to customize the messages and images that people see when your fans share your postings. It gives your business an inviting, professional and excellent first impression which you can easily adjust anytime you desire.

Static FBML

This is a simple app that allows just about anybody to design their facebook page without looking for any programmers or design experts. Even though you’re going to make use of codes, the app is still one of the most used by many facebook creators. With this app you can easily create a tab, build a landing page, add a captcha field and include an mp3 player on your fan page.

Facebook promotions

If you’re serious about really getting hold of your facebook marketing and benefit immensely from what it has to offer, then you need an app like facebook promotions on your facebook page. With this app you can start a new promotion or competition to attract new fans and people to your facebook page. Your promotion can also be geared towards rewarding your current fans so they can visit the page more often.


With this app merchants can easily set up there facebook store by including basic information, creating a welcome page and setting up a catalog for the products.However, sales transactions are not yet carried out directly on the app page rather; customers are transferred to the original source of the product which could be Amazon, eBay or the e-commerce store owned by the merchant.

Sort price

This app was lunched in 2008, making it one of the oldest in the facebook app store. Serving more that 1,000 retailers sort price allow merchants who are part of the sort price franchise to make product listings and comparisons. The app can be used by retailers to share products on their facebook fanpage – with photo, descriptions and links to their website – so that fans can share, like and comment on their favorite products or wish list.


About the Author:
Rahul Makhija has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. He writes for NY Web Design & Marketing . He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about human behavior.