As technology continues to sky rocket into the modern world, many people remain amazed at the innovations that have been afforded to society through this continually evolving science. The first tablet was released only a few years back and already it has transformed so many parts of daily life, including classrooms. Social Media is also relatively new, yet it has completely shifted so many parts of society and culture and allowed teachers a new way to communicate with students and parents alike outside of the classroom. With these innovations, many people wonder what the 21st Century Classroom actually looks like today, and what can be expected for the future.

Here are a few shocking statistics that give some insight into how the world of technology has shifted learning environments across the globe:

  • Over 75% of teachers use technology to adapt classroom learning to diverse learning styles, boost student motivation through more fun learning environments, and enhance the curriculum with new ways of teaching.
  • Computers are no longer enough. With 91% of teachers having a computer in their classroom, there are still 20% of teachers who feel there is not enough technology available to them to teach the way they would like.
  • Nearly all college students take an online course throughout their experience at University. Online learning has seen a 21% increase, while enrollment in higher education has only seen a 2% increase, showing a distinct shift and preference for this style of coursework.
  • Gamification is expected to take over classrooms after average test scores showed higher success rates with this form of learning. With gamification, the average test score was 91.5% while without it, average test scores plummeted to 79.1%


21st century classroom

The future of the classroom is in the hands of the technology that is permeating society. Students and teachers are adapting and using more technology to help adapt to new ways of learning and engaging with each other to improve learning as a whole.

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