You can easily skip YouTube video advertisements and save your valuable 20 seconds. I never had any problems with YouTube ads because, it had a skid button after 5 seconds.  YouTube provides all the services free of cost so ads help them recoup the cost of maintenance.   However,  for some ads, there is no skip button, and we have to wait 20 – 30 seconds for the video to play!  That is frustrating.  It drives me nuts as I watch a lot of videos on YouTube. I can’t just waste 20-30 seconds for every video that I watch. I had found this solution long back but due to busy schedules, I was not able to publish an article on time.  Well its better late than never, isn’t it?  .

Three Ways to Skip YouTube Video Advertisments

  1. Using a browser Add-on or extension
  2. VLC player
  3. Manual Method

So lets begin..

1.   (a)  If you are using Google Chrome then you can install Adblock for Youtube™. Trust me its excellent. I always prefer chrome and Adblock add-on does the job perfectly .

(b) If you are a Firefox lover then you can install Adblock Plus


2.  In VLC player  click on media and hit “Open Network Stream”

vlc network stream

    Enter the video URL in the box and hit play. Boom! No more ads.

 network stream - play vlc - block youtube ads

3.   Edit YouTube Video URL manually and skid ads. ( If you don’t prefer using add-ons you can try this method.I found it on reddit)

For example:   .   Replace “/watch?v=”  with  “/v/”  

so the modified URL  will be

So that’s it for today. I hope you found the above methods useful. I know, I have published this article very late but I really hope that this will prove useful to others who are still not aware of these tricks.  Have a wonderful day friends.  Also, don’t forget to comment. 🙂