Yes you can create a gmail account / id even without having a mobile number. According to Google you need to have a mobile number to create a new email account but there is a way to bypass it.


This tutorial is not intended for any wrong practices. This is just to inform Google about a loophole and hope they can fix this. Please don’t use this method for spamming purposes. I’m not responsible for any consequences caused by your actions.

Everyone has their own mobile phone these days but lets assume you don’t have a mobile phone or you have lost your phone and you need to create a new Gmail id for an official purpose then what would you do?   Well there is always a solution to every problem.

Registering a new Gmail account without having a mobile number:

  • Create a new account at
  • copy the information on a note pad


  • Go to create a new Gmail account page (
  • Enter your information and the part where it says mobile phone , enter the mobile phone provided by K7
  • Make sure you change the country to USA

gmail account mobile

  • Click next and use your new Gmail account.

Once you gmail account is active you can go to gmail setting and remove the mobile number if you want to.  I hope this tutorial was real simple. If you face any difficulties kindly let me know via comments.

Also remember, Please don’t use this method to create fake accounts for spamming purposes. Thanks a lot for reading and do subscribe to get the latest updates.

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