We all check our PF balance once we resign from the company. To be honest, most government websites are still in the jurassic age. Its a pain in the wrong place as there are no instructions to guide people. The Employee PF Account Number colum has 3 boxes which says ‘Establishment Code’ ‘Extension’ and ‘Account No’.

Most people are not aware of PF no. Without provident fund account number you won’t be able to check your provident fund balance.

Where can I find my PF number ?

Please find it on your salary / pay slip. It would clearly state your Provident Fund number at the top of the page in most cases.

Example: HRGGN2500480712

Know your PF number. Lets suppose HRGGN2500480712 is your Provident Fund number.

HR: Stands for Haryana (PF Office State )
GGN : Stands for Gurgaon (Dist)

The first 5 numbers(in red) are your establishment code and the last five numbers(in green) is your account number.

How do I check my PF Balance ?

provident fund number

The third column is your establishment code.You can find that from your provident fund number. As informed earlier the first 5 number of your PF number. Leave the 4th column blank ( Extention) .In the 5th column enter you account number. The last 5 digits of your PF number.

  • Now enter your full name as it appears in your salary slip and your mobile number
  • Select ‘I agree’ and within 2 mins you would receive an SMS on your mobile number.

To be honest, even I was not aware of this and I tried multiple times until I found a solution.  I had to go through all the trouble before I got to know my PF balance and I didn’t want others to suffer like me so I published this article. Thank you for reading this short informative article.

You can also watch my video tutorial if you wish.