How to Port Forward iBall Baton Adsl Modem

Port forwarding an iBall Baton modem is very easy and a simple process but before we begin lets understand ” What is Port forwarding? ”

Let me explain you in simple terms.

Router = House

Wall = Firewall

Imagine your modem / router  has big wall in the middle which blocks access. No one can come in to your house but you can go out because you have a gate which can be unlocked just by you.  So if you keep the gate open other people can get into your house without knocking on the door.  This is not safe.

In other words port forwarding means opening the port to allow incoming connection through any firewall on your system. Port forwarding will help increase download speed as well.


Why you need to forward uTorrent Port?

For a peer to peer program like uTorrent to work correctly you need to open the port. Opening the port will allow incoming connections straight to your computer and thereby optimizing uTorrent experience.  If you don’t port forward the incoming connections would be blocked and you get a low priority from the other seeds.


Follow the below steps:

  • Open CMD – Command Prompt (Start- Programs- Accessories – command prompt)  or Press Windows Key + R and type CMD
  • Type ipconfig  and find the default gateway


  • Open your browser ( Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox)
  • Type the default gateway address in the address bar and press enter  ( note: the default gateway address will differ according to the make of the modem)


  • It will ask you for a username and password. Type admin as the username and password as the password. If this doesn’t work try admin as username and admin as password
  • once logged in Click on Access Management and open UPNP
  • Active UPNP and Auto configured and click save


Congratulations, Port Forwarding is complete. You will notice a green tick saying ‘network ok’ in uTorrent