I’m really happy to announce that www.pcpedia.blogspot.com has got a new name i.e bleepingtech.com. I have moved it from blogspot to wordpress. Its been a very good journey with blogspot but with plans to expand the blog in future, wordpress was the best option. My friend and a fellow blogger Sahl Ahmed – DGboost had insisted me to move to WP since last year and i did purchase hosting from iPage and domain from Namecheap. But i was really busy with some other work that i kept ignoring my blog. There was a gap of almost 8 months and i had not posted a single article on pcpedia. I wasted my money on hosting as well. 

blogger-to-wordpressBut one good benefit that i got from iPage was a free domain name “BleepingTech.com” which i transferred to namecheap. Finally in the month of September 2012, I purchased hosting from Hostgator with a very cheap hosting plan to start with as funds were limited .The only reason i chose HOSTGATOR was because they are very reliable and their technical support really helps you quickly. 


First of all I had no idea on how to do a smooth transfer from blogger to wordpress. I was so tensed and confused about the entire procedure.I started searching for online tutorials,every blogger had a different way to do it. I tried Amit Agarwal’s  Blogger to WordPress migration method but it didn’t work for me,Then tried using redirection plugins created by numerous developers and still there was a problem redirecting from the actual .blogspot address to my new url. I spent a whole day doing the same stuff and ended up so frustrated that i gave up for that day and went off to sleep but this migration haunted me even in my dreams 😀 !


The next day, I decided to take help from fellow bloggers,Thanks to Facebook as i got in touch with many blogging communities  where i asked for help.  There are 3 people who really tried to help me.  1) Sujith KumarTechlineinfo  2) Mairaj Pirzada – Guide please  3) Syed Faizan AliMy Blogger Lab.   


Sujith is like brother a to me and i know him for at atleast more than a year now,he always helps with my doubts without hesitation. I always take advise from Sujith for anything related to blogging,His blog is a wonderful resource and his posts are really informative. Mairaj  is a very good friend who is ready to help me any time. Even now he does help me with some of the wordpress queries that i don’t  even have a clue about.  I would like to thank Mairaj for introducing me to Syed Faizan Ali as he is the one who help me sucessfully redirect my blogger blog to WordPress without any errors


But, the journey was not so simple, even he tried numerous ways to accomplish the task but nothing worked. We were connected using Teamviewer for more than 45 mins and still there was no solution for the problem. Finally Syed tried a redirection plugin developed by  Sudipto Pratap Mahato  and it worked like a charm. I’m really clueless on why the other plugins didn’t work. I would personally recommend Blogger 301 Redirect plugin for moving from blogspot to wordpress. I would want to thank Syed Faizan Ali for helping me and i’m really grateful to him. He is a wonderful blogger who blogs at www.mybloggerlab.com and his  blog is a useful resource for all blogspot blogs.


So, I hope all my readers are happy with the new look. Do let me know if you want to see some changes by commenting below. Thanks a lot for reading.