make my browser

Have you ever opened your internet browser to discover all your bookmarks have been deleted, your email account open and your mails already read, or your Facebook profile photo having been replaced by a picture of a donkey?

I’m sure many of you will find the above scenarios very familiar, especially if you share a computer with your family, flatmates or classmates.

But this daily irritation is all about to change with So, get ready to say goodbye to email invasion, put an end to social media sabotage and stop bookmark attacks before they start by creating your very own personalised browser.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3-4. features a step-by-step process to help anyone create a Chromium browser with everything from a unique name and icon to customised bookmarks and themes, ensuring your web experience is tailor-made for you… and you don’t even have to be a programme developer to do it.

Built on top of the Google Chromium engine, you can also personalise your browser with features, add-ons, extensions and apps from Google Play.

In just five minutes, you can setup a web browser that is unmistakably yours. In fact, you can set one up of every member of your family. Whether you name your browser “Frank’s Private Internet”, theme it in bright pink or use your portrait as the icon – one thing will be sure – everyone will know which browser belongs to you.

So if you’re sick of sharing your browser with everyone, make your own with It’s simple to install, works alongside your computer’s existing browsers and will put an end to anyone “accidentally” opening your emails ever again.