Tired of submitting your blog to blog directories,rss directories, Bookmarking, pinging ,manual traffic exchange.social networking and bookmarking sites!! well all these sources give traffic but no much and its just temporary and usually bounce rate increases.manual link exchanging does bring in traffic but its not guaranteed.now you might be wondering what  else is left and what am i going to post?

What is Wahoha widget and what are the thumbnails all about?

It simply displays posts from other blogs, websites in form of thumbnails.when you click a particular pic you will be redirected to that blog.

How does it actually  work?

For the numbers of visitors your blog sends to other blogs via this widget, you get around 150-300% visitors from other blogs. Like I said, the thumbnails are nothing but posts from other blogs/site,in the same way your blog post  will be displayed as thumbnails on all other blogs that use wahoha.

“For example if your blog sends 100 visitors via this widget, in return you get  150-300% traffic i.e 250 – 400 visitors”

How to set up?

  • Create an account at Wahoha 
  • Create a widget,check on show advanced options to select from the categories
  • Click on save, copy the code and place it on your blog.wherever you like
  • Now add your blog post  so that they can be displayed at other blogs
How to Add Post ?
  • Click on the post tab
  • Enter your post URL for example (http://pcpedia.blogspot.com/2011/01/transform-your-new-twitter-page-online.html)
  • Add proper title and a neat description, select categories add tags
  • Now the most important part is to upload your post picture, add an attractive picture so that it attracts and stands out from the rest of  the pics
  • After this click on submit post
  • The more you add the better return rate you get,but start with selected posts.


  • All visits are unique
  • You can track no of clicks sent and received
  • Widget loads faster so no need to worry

So why are you thinking, join and enjoy the continuous traffic