Easiest Tutorial: How to use Putty on Windows?


Putty is a computer application that enables computer users to work with a remote Linux system from a Windows enabled PC. Though this application was originally intended to be used by Windows operating system; it was further developed and now can be used on other operating systems. Putty is an open source program that is available free of charge. Read on to find out how to use putty application.


  • Obtain two files. Before using Putty, the computer user will require 2 files, which are Putty.exe as well as psftp.exe. These two files are easily available and the user can download them from the same website.
  • To get the files, ensure the computer has internet connections. If connection is achieved open the internet search engine such as Google.
  • On the search field enter the name of the file, in this case the name is putty then press enter. Click on one of the download links. On the page for downloading chose both psftp.exe and Putty.exe and select the appropriate folder to save the two files.
  • Once the files have been downloaded successfully, open by double clicking the Putty.exe icon. When this is done a configuration window appears on the screen.
  • On the right of the window there is a text field for writing the users “Host Name”. Enter the following host name user@victorio.uit.no. On the Connection tab below enter the name victorio.
  • Click on the terminal tab, which is located on the left side of the configuration window and then select UTF-8. Select the most suitable font size; in this case font size 8 is recommended.
  • Choose the save button located on the right hand side of the window. Under the “Protocol” menu ensure that the option SSH is selected. Then click “Open” to run the program
  • Log in to the program by entering the user name and the password on the new window that appears.
  • To copy files from the victorio to the computer write “get” as part of the syntax, while copying files to the victorio write “put”. For instance, to get files write the syntax as follows, “get sourcefile resultfile”
  • Using putty to lump files in one archive allows the user to copy more than one file at the same time. Once the files have been archived, move them to the computer and unpack them.


Always ensure that other programs are not running when installing putty as this will slow the installation process. Make sure to log off Putty once the process is completed.