Top 5 Tips to Effectively Use Google Alerts Like a Pro


Use google alertsNow you can use Google Alerts to your advantage depending on your needs and what you want to be notified of, whether it is brand, trends content distribution and back linking opportunities. There are so many uses, benefits and features Google brings in to its users every day and Google Alerts is just one of them. It is a very powerful tool and not a lot of users know how to utilize it. One thing excellent about the feature is that allows its users to save certain searches they have made using a keyword. Apart from saving, they can keep track of updates when a new result or content is submitted on the net for that particular keyword. The updates or notifications are usually delivered by email or an RSS Feed.

Relevant Questions in Your Niche

Your site should have credibility and influence in your niche. It is also an advantage if you attract more subscribers because basically, you know what you are doing, and you are able to provide answers to relevant questions in your niche. Is it possible to monitor your niche and its developments? Again, yes, Google Alerts can monitor queries for you and you can provide an informative answer with a link to your site. You can use the following formats for your alerts: How/ Is/ Can/ When/ Why/ Will * [topic]. When you use this strategy, you can set up alerts so you can lead people to the answer.

Content Distribution

If you have an important content, you can use Google Alerts to notify you of your article being mentioned in the Internet. You are able to pick up if someone refers to your article, if you or your content is mentioned in a forum, or in a blog post. You can always get involved and contribute your knowledge and experience with this. You can set up alerts by quotes: “topic” such as “how to effectively market in twitter”; “how to market in twitter”.


Find Back Linking Opportunities

Some sites and blogs can give you the back linking opportunities you need. Most blog authors have their contacts page and you can submit a guest post. Simply set up an alert and you can establish a reputation and widen your reach, thanks to your guest post in someone else’s blog. You can use the following formats “write” SEO; “guest post” SEO; “bloggers wanted” SEO; “contributor” SEO.


Brand and Topic 

Google Alerts can work for almost any brand and any topic. For certain brands, once Google Alert is set, you can get an email alert every time your brand is mentioned. It presents many potential opportunities to extend your reach. This allows you to take action by going to the portal or site where you have been mentioned and you can ask for links to be exchanged. You can set up multiple alerts to help you out in the following format [brand name].com or any domain name you are currently using; www.[brandname].[domain name]; or simply brand name.

The same can be used for a topic you are keeping an eye on. If you want to set up alerts on a certain topic, you can do so by entering it in the format of example: Google Alerts, GoogleAlerts, google alerts, googlealerts.


Trends and Selling Opportunities

As for trends, you can have instant updates and keep an eye on their progress or decline as soon as it happens thanks to the How Often option when setting up the Google Alerts keyword. You can be on the alert when trends go up and down for a specific keyword or brand, and you can use this to your advantage when you are promoting the brand. Instead of keeping an eye on Google, you can let Google to it for you with the help of its bots. The Google Alert feature can be set up to watch out for trends and selling opportunities, as well hot issues that are on-going and significant for your niche and market. you can always set up the keyword in the search query box.

As for selling opportunities, Google will send you news stories, blog features or mentions, and other significant information about your market and clients. It is now your prerogative to follow up on selling opportunities with the help of Google Alerts by keeping up to date.

Google Alerts is a powerful tool, all it takes is your application and creativity to use Google alerts like a pro