AWStats is one of the best open source Web analytics reporting tool.Using this tool you can track daily visitors,page-views,hits ,views by location etc. It works almost like Google analytics but it can’t be compared with analytics as  its much more advanced than AWStats. If you have chosen Hostgator as your webhost then in your Cpanel you would find AWStats tool. You can check daily visits from the dashboard itself.To get an accurate result you will have to stop AWStats from tracking your computer / IP Address.


You will need to edit the AWStats config file from your cpanel.  Simply find ”SkipHosts” and enter your IP Address. To find your IP, just type what is my ip in Google search


Steps you need to follow:


  • Once you login to Cpanel , go to file manager


File manager


  • And go to AWStats (  If you are unable to find it, just search awstats)


awstats config file


  •  Now press Ctrl + F and find SkipHosts
  • Add the IP Address which awstats should stop tracking




  • You have successfully asked awstats to stop tracking your ip address.

In this way you would get the most appropriate results.  Let me know if you have some doubts or difficulties performing this task. Don’t hesitate feel free to leave your comments.