First of all, what is a landing page ?

A landing page is nothing but a page that is shown when a customer clicks on an ad or a search engine result. These pages are of utmost importance and if designed properly, they can really generate amazing conversions for the companies!  


Why it’s important? 

Landing pages that specifically target certain keywords help users find products they are interested in or looking for. This is like delivering exactly what buyers are looking for in front of them. Let’s take a simple example here. Let’s say you are creating a page that is intended to sell an ebook. Now if you don’t optimize it well as per the SEO requirements, your potential buyers will never find it in search results, which really put you on a back seat. On the other hand, if you optimize it well as per the SEO requirements, make it keyword rich and publish, you are more likely to be found in the direct searches on search engines like Google, taking home loads of targeted traffic without spending a penny! This is how big it can be! 

Let’s take a short walk here and know how you can better optimize your Landing Page for SEO


Go Targeted; be clear about ‘what’ you want to sell: 

Many people make this one common mistake and get lost in between. If you have several sub-products under one main domain, you should not talk about all of them and bid for all those keywords in the same page. This way you are weakening your landing page. Look at the following example. Let’s say you have a book store and want to create a landing page to attract customers. Now obviously you will have several types of books like fiction, humor, comics etc. But you should not try to include all of them in one landing page. That affects the keyword strength of the page. It is always smart to go specific and be focused. For example, if you have a best seller in fiction, focus the page on the same category, attracting all the people that are searching for it! 


Keep it keyword rich: 

You don’t get ranked high in search engines just like that. You need to make your landing pages keyword rich and as much relevant to your products as possible. Make sure your page’s headline, sub-headline, and main content have the keywords you are targeting for. These are the key areas and utilizing them smartly will more likely help your page show up when they are searched.  

How to optimize landing page for seo

Use ‘Pictures’ smartly 

Every page today has pictures on it to make the whole thing an interesting read. But rather than just using it to improve the looks, you can also utilize it for SEO purpose. Put keywords in Picture Captions. Also use them in Meta tags and Call to Actions to maximize your chances. 


Be Smart; not ‘over’-smart! 

Remember ‘Not to Overdo’ this whole keyword stuff as readers are well aware of what they are reading and repeated keywords may annoy them and your content may look spam. 


Finally, keep it easy to Read and Navigate through 

Short landing pages make no major sense. Of course if you have something that is intended to be short and sweet, fine; go for it. But if you something that needs a well explaining presentation, building a long one makes sense. But if you just put the content around with keywords stuffed here and there, readers may feel lost and leave the page! 

When building a bigger landing page, it is very important to keep it well organized and easy to read. Avoid using lengthy paragraphs, go for shorter ones. Keep the content ‘to-the-point and go for ‘bullets and numbering’ to highlight key points wherever necessary. 

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Alright, enough said; let’s try something ‘Professional’ now. 

Well, am talking about Google’s ‘Website Optimizer’. They call it A/B experiments. It is something that lets you to check the performance of two or more different versions of a same page. It’s a good choice if you want to move around different things on the page and try some variation experiments. It is an ideal solution for people looking to test how good there current page is and what could be better than that. 

It’s a free program by Google and you can give it a try anytime. Read: A/B and Multivariate Testing [SIMPLE GUIDE]


Finally, a ‘Small’ suggestion: 

It is always a great way to start by following other successful works. You will definitely learn a lot from it. List down the best working landing pages in the niche you are targeting and study their plus and minus points. Know why these pages are converting so well and what is it that is missing out with yours. This early research is the backbone of your success. 

Also, never publish it directly and wait for the upcoming reviews to be so positive. First, show it to some people you know and get their feedbacks. Allow them to compare it to other best ones in the market. These genuine reviews will really help you do it right and will certainly save your valuable time and efforts.  

Just put yourself into the shoes of the reader and don’t commit unless you get something that would work!!