Nowadays, a phenomenal number of people living in the UK own a smartphone – 2011 figures estimated that around quarter of all UK adults and half of teenagers owned one, and they’ve now become such a way of life that many would be lost without theirs. If you own a smartphone you would probably find it difficult to complete daily tasks without it, but if it was to break you could find yourself having to do this.


Smartphones can definitely make many things easier, and they can also give you a wide world of entertainment that can keep you occupied for hours. If you want to make sure your smartphone lives a long and healthy life though, you’re going to need to ensure it stays in the best of condition. It can be much easier than you might expect to damage your smartphone, but this doesn’t mean you need to start handling yours with kid gloves. Instead, you should just make yourself aware of the dangers out there so that you can avoid breaking your smartphone.



Here are some hints and tips you might want to consider:


1)  Be mindful of water damage

For many smartphones, water damage can be a bit of a death sentence. If water gets within your smartphone and onto the circuit board or any other important internal components it probably won’t be repairable, and so you’ll be looking at a full replacement. Obviously, accidents can happen and many people have accidentally dropped their smartphone in a puddle or even in the bath before. However, just to be on the safe side, you shouldn’t use your smartphone when sat in the bath and shouldn’t even have it in the bathroom with you when showering due to effect that steam may have on your smartphone. You can buy seals that can be inserted into the charging plugin and headphone jack hole to stop water from entering the smartphone by accident.

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2)  Always use a case

Even if you have a smartphone that comes with Gorilla Glass, such as models from Motorola, Samsung or LG, you should still fit it with a case to protect it should you drop it. This will simply cushion the blow somewhat, so you can ensure it stays intact. You should always buy a case that is sturdy and strong and which has been produced by a specialist retailer. You can buy all kinds of cases so you could even personalize yours to suit your personality.


3)  Don’t forgot to fit a screen protector

No matter what kind of smartphone you have, you should apply a screen protector as soon as you get it out of the box. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to scratch the surface of your smartphone and then forever be left with an unsightly gouge across the screen, but with a screen protector fitted it could take the brunt of this damage to leave your screen unhurt. You could then simply replace your screen protector to get rid of the issue.

Do you have any tips for lengthening the life of your smartphone?