Google Maps

Apple’s inventions are always given red carpet welcomes. However, their Maps app has not been welcomed well by many around the world. A city has been moved into the ocean, MC. Donald’s is replaced by a salon and an entire street has been erased completely. If you have these problems when you are trying to navigate using a navigational app, then you are definitely using Apple maps! The company introduced their customized navigation app for iPhone and iPad users for iOS6 mobile software platform and axed Google maps.


Apple introduced their virtual navigation app amidst many expectations by the company’s software chief, Scott Forstall. It was a direct competition to Google maps as it offers the same features and services. Thought it was expected to be huge hit as people expected it to be as competent as the other products of the company, the company failed to meet expectations. Apple maps soon received criticisms from disgruntled users. There were geographical blunders, missing or incorrect information, in-comprehensive traffic data and other key mistakes that made Google maps popular. In addition, the software does not offer proper public transportation routes nor offer proper directions when you are waling. This has made people choose Google Maps which offers more competent and in-detail directions.


If you are an unfortunate Apple’s navigation app user and wish to switch over to Google’s GPS, then there is no point looking into the app store as it does have any native Google maps app. Here is a solution to switch:


To get Google Maps on iOS6, You will have to log-on to the Google’s maps website ( which is basically the app and has all the features and functionalities that are not available in the navigational app offered by Apple. It is an inconvenience to open Safari every time you want to use the Maps. When you open the website for the first time, you see a floating request asking you to install the app to your phone. Choose the share button that appears on the floating screen. Choose the ‘Add to Home screen’ option from the icons that appear. You have the option to either rename the app or leave it as ‘Google maps’.


Now, you have Google Maps downloaded to the main menu of your Apple device. Though it is just a short cut to the virtual navigational app, it is more efficient than logging onto Safari every time. For now, this is the easiest way to access the app. There might be few difficulties when you try to navigate through Safari, the pictures may not be clear and it might take long time to load. The good news is you can make use of the maps. If you wish to activate GPS, you have to enable ‘location sharing’ on safari.



Though Apple offers 3D and flyover features on their app, they have erred with the maps and directions which have made people prefer Google instead. Apple has a long way to go with their app and work on their mistakes if they ever plan on releasing better versions in the future. Though iOS is a better platform than HTML, you get better practical features with Google. However, the company has promised a better user-friendly platform for iPhone and iPod users, until that gets released people have to make-do with the app available in Safari.