PDF is usually the format of choice for sending computer documents, because it keeps the formatting intact and allows recipients to view the document’s contents without any problems.

However, if the recipient wants to make changes to the document, he or she will need to convert the PDF into its original form in order to make edits.

Let’s say you created a presentation that you’d like to share with your boss for a checkup before a big meeting where you’ll need to present your work. Naturally, you’d send your file in a PDF format, so you wouldn’t have to worry about whether your boss has the same font you used, and whether the formatting will be the same on his or her computer.

However, if your boss has suggestions for improving your presentation and wants to make corrections, he or she would need to convert your presentation to its original PowerPoint format.

There are many excellent professional PDF converters that provide you with numerous possibilities for converting, editing and securing your documents.

However, if you only need a quick and reliable conversion for situations like the one just described, you’ll be happy with the Free Online PDF to PowerPoint Converter that converts PDF’s to PPT presentations in matter of seconds and very accurately. The tool is popular among project managers, teachers, students and all kinds of presenters. 


How to Effortlessly Convert PDF to PPT Online Free


Its attractive features are incredible speed of conversion, accuracy of the converted document and the fact that no installation is required – the whole process takes place online. This is how the tool works:

  1. Visit the PDF to PPT conversion page here: http://www.pdfconverter.com/pdf-to-powerpoint-online-free/


  1. Follow the instructions from 1 to 3: select the PDF file you want to convert, type in your e-mail address and click Start!


  1. Usually you’ll wait no longer than 30 seconds for an email with a link to your ready-to-edit PowerPoint document.


If you are at all worried about the privacy of your document and e-mail address, the PDF Converter provider deletes all your information within 24 hours.

Professional service and appealing features of the free PDF to PPT Conversion Online make this tool an ideal option for anyone looking for quick document management solution.