Custom About Author WordPress Plugin

Would you like display a unique author bio on a per post author or an a post basis? To make things more simpler, lets say a content writer submits an article for your blog and the writer wants to display a link pointing to his/her clients website and the same writer then submits another article with a different link in the author biography.So this means the writer wants a different author bio each time he or she submits a new article. Ideally the WordPress author bio section in user profile is static, It can’t display a different bio for the same user on all of his/ her posts . If you want to make it possible the traditional way,then you  need to ask the user to register with a different username and it would be a hectic task for the user  or the other way to do is to add a author bio manually at the post footer but that won’t look professional. The author won’t get the benefit of the customer author box.



To be very frank,Even I faced the same problem and as i had mentioned in my about me page that  ” If i’m stuck on a problem, I keep researching on it and if I succeed in resolving it, then you may find an article about the same on BleepingTech” . That’s how i published  “Engadget Style Popular Posts Plugin For WordPress” . So I’m really happy to publish this post and i think it would benefit other WordPress bloggers 

The plugin was developed by Edwin who owns I would like to thank you for developing this wonderful plugin. Feel free to visit his website and if possible donate some amount for all his hard-work..

[box style=”info”]Steps you need to follow[/box]

  • Download and install Custom About Author plugin
  • Once the plugin is activated, Go to users >> Custom Authors 
custom users
  •   Click on Add new
custom  author add
  • Fill up all the details and click on add user
author add
  • Go back to custom author page, Select any author and click on edit and then copy the short code. Example: [ custom_author=xxxx ]
  • Paste the short code at the end of the article where you want the bio to be displayed.
Its’s that simple. Now you can add any number of Author bio’s for the same user. All you have to do is to go to  custom users option and add a new user. This is the only thing you need to you and the process won ‘t take more than a minute and the writer won’t have to register every time for getting a new link in the bio. 
I hope this post would prove useful to to all other bloggers who faced the same issue. I  heard the Genesis theme already has this option but i’m not really sure about it. If there is an alternate way to do it,Please don’t hesitate to inform me via comments as it would help others  as well.