Punch Tab is a loyalty program that will encourage people to visit your site or blog every single day.So what’s the trick behind this awesome program? Why it will force users to visit your site everyday.Does lots and lots of question pop up in your mind? I won’t be surprised if its does,because even i was curious about punchtab when i first heard about it.

Increase Returning Visitors Using Punchtab
Returning visitors are those people who are coming back to your site for a reason.Google analytics will give you a great insight on which visitors are more engaged to your site. Its really important for any business to get loyal readers or visitors as this plays a major rule in the growth of any business or brand.

new vs returning visits
Users earn points for visiting your blog,tweeting posts, liking it on Facebook and also for leaving their valuable comments.They can redeem it later in form of gift cards. By default punchtab has its own catalog,even you can create your own customized catalogs . The below screenshot displays the default gift cards in their catalog.

punchtab catalog


Earning opportunities for your users

    • Visiting your site every day – for their first visit to your site every day your users will earn 100 points
    • Liking your post on Facebook – for their first Like on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
    • Tweeting your  post – for their first Tweet on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
    • Google +1  – for their first Google +1 on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
    • Commenting – for their first comment of the day your users will earn 100 points


Now you know why users will come back to your site. If your users are rewarded with goodies they would certainly love to visit your site again and again.

Did It Benefit PCPedia?
Definitely Yes!  I always wanted my visitors to come back to my blog.Turning a casual visitor into a power visitor is tough job but with punchtab loyalty program it sounds like a piece of cake. My posts started to get more comments  and were more frequently liked on Facebook and tweeted on Twitter. 

It also did improve my Klout score.I don’t use twitter much hence my Klout score was very low. But since my punchtab users started to tweet about my posts on twitter my score automatically went up  and now its 47. Although its is not a good score but my point is that it helps increase your influence on twitter


Will Punchtab Sponsor a Giveaway
invite your friend to punchtab

If you invite 10 friends to join Punchtab ,they would either feature you on their blog or newsletter or upgrade your amazon gift card to $25 or Sponsor a giveaway for you. So there is no need to shell money from your pockets. I know how hard is it for bloggers to start a giveaway especially when they have limited funds.


Even,I would love to start a giveaway but i need to refer 10 friends to puchtab. Will you guys help me? If yes please click on the Join Now
sponsored giveaway
What do you think about this amazing loyalty program? Let me know by commenting below.