Did you know whenever you search for something the site you go to gets the search terms you used to find the site and automatically saves them? Almost every site does this, because it helps webmasters know why people are coming to their site.  This isn’t an invasion of privacy, but people are beginning to encrypt their search results, whether they know it or not. When you use Google https your search terms are encrypted, which has a major impact on websites. Most sites count on  search terms to see what keywords are bringing people to their site, but since more and more people are using search engines  that encrypt their search terms, sites need a new way to figure out how people are coming to their site.


encrypted google search example
You may have not noticed the words encrypted_search_terms in your sites statistics yet, but you will be seeing a lot of that in the near future. You should prepare how to figure out why people are coming to your site without relying on keywords. If you don’t do this, you may lose a lot of visitors once all search results are encrypted.


 If you can’t see the search terms that are bringing people to your site then you need to look at what pages people are going to. This will let you know what pages are the most popular on your site. Right now you can see search terms on your site like “SEO optimization”, but once encrypted search becomes the web standard, you’ll have to rely on tools like adwords to see what keywords people are searching for. Adwords lets you look up keywords and see which ones people search for the most.  You should already  use adwords or a tool similar to it  when writing an article, so you get the most traffic possible. Every article you write should have one or two keywords that are repeated at least 5 times throughout the article. Of course, a 200 word article shouldn’t have as many keywords as a 1000 page article.


To conclude this article I’d like to say that no one should rely on only one way to bring traffic to their site. The web is always changing, so you need to be one step ahead of new web trends.
Have you already seen the words encrypted_search_terms in the list of keywords coming to your site? If you found this article helpful let us know in the comments!!


Author Bio:
This is a guest post by the Ryan Satterfield who owns planetzuda.com (Broken link). Ryan has been writing technology articles since 2007 .  Planet Zuda is always reporting about security, tech news, and social media. Ryan is also  the voice behind every single Planet Zuda podcast.