Did you ever wanted to send emails to all your subscribers at one go? If yes, then the first question is on “How to get email addresses of  your FeedBurner subscribers“. Well its pretty simple to do so. You don’t need any special tools to find it. In-fact we have this option in the feedburner settings itself.

Steps to save email addresses of your subscribers:
  • Login to FeedBuner using your Gmail ID
  • Click on the Publicize tab
  • Select Email Subscriptions —-> Subscription Management
  • Scroll down and find “View Subscriber Details” and click ” Export to CSV”
Tutorial:Email addresses of Feedburner subscribers
A Quick Video Tutorial:

That’s how easy it is. The email addresses are exported in CSV format ,which you can later upload it on Gmail or Yahoo and send a mass email or send emails directly to certain people. It would be really useful for bloggers if they wish to inform subscribers about certain Changes,Giveaways,Contests Etc