Today most of us recognise the importance of a well maintained blog as part of our online presence, whether it is for business or personal use. Thankfully there are several great services which offer a quick and easy way to get up and running in the blogosphere and WordPress is definitely one of the leaders in the sector.


WordPress is free web software that allows you to make a customised website or blog and has grown out of the efforts of hundreds of community volunteers. As is usually the case with massively successful projects such as this, there are a hundred and one different ways to achieve desired results and it is no surprise to find that there are thousands of plugins to help you realize your own particular vision.


Although the behind the scenes coding for WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and therefore quick specialised use of free plugins means that the basis is there for you to take it in any direction you wish with simple user functionality. You can also use plugins to help make your page stand out by utilizing fast loading speeds and optimisation for mobile devices.


Even with today’s ever increasing connection speeds courtesy of  home broadband and shortly 4G, ‘Slow widgets’ such as those linking to Facebook, Twitter and AdSense where external data is loaded into your content can have a significant impact.


The ‘Lazy Widget Loader’ plugin improves page loading by postponing loading the content of those widgets you choose, so that their content is loaded after the main content of the page that is displayed. It is customisable so that you can choose which widgets should be loaded in this way and by default the plugin does not force any particular widget to come under its control. I would like to add Lazy Load plugin  that would load images only when that part of your blog is visible to the reader. hence, it will improve load speed and save bandwidth.


Another plugin that can positively improve loading times is WP Minify, which reduces works by combining multiple CSS or JavaScript files on your blog and removing unnecessary white space and comments.


W3 Total Cache allows you to minify scripts, cache database queries and add expiration tags to static images and can provided a great improvement on loading speed stats. As far as caching plugins go this is definitely one of the best.


There is little point in having a well maintained and interesting online content if no one knows about it and that is of course where employing various SEO tricks becomes essential.


With WordPress SEO you can block duplicate pages and archive pages from search bots making your content more appealing for those all important rankings. Enabling you to create better titles and making sure all the right meta tags are in place this plug-in really helps you to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd when it comes to search engine placings.


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