Free Online PDF to Excel Conversion Tool

PDF has been one of the most popular file formats in the business world for some time now, and with good reason. There are many advantages that come with using PDFs in a business setting. First and foremost, this file format is easily viewed on any platform. And most importantly, your file will look the same no matter what type of operating system you are working in. Saving your document as a PDF is a great way to make sure that you are sending out a file that will look identical no matter who you are sharing it with and what type of device or platform they are using to view it.

PDF to Excel Free Online

Another great thing about the PDF format is that it is very compact, which means that you can send a lot of information packed into a small file size. This feature is great not only for sharing information, but also for archiving purposes.

The PDF’s biggest fault is the fact that it is often uneditable. This can sometimes be a hassle, especially in the business world, in which you often need to take information you were given and do something with it. People working in an office setting often work with tabular data, and this type of information is very hard to work with when it arrives in the form of a PDF. But thankfully, there are tools that can help users to convert PDFs full of data into a more editable file format. And when it comes to tables and statistical information, the program of choice is, more often than not, Microsoft Excel.

This tool,, is a fantastic online converter that accurately and swiftly converts PDFs into Excel files. And best of all, the service is completely free to use.

Using it is very easy.

  • Simply browse and select the PDF from your computer that you want to convert.

upload file to convert


  • Once you have selected the PDF, enter your email address and press send.

send file to convert

  • That’s it. In a couple of minutes, a download link for claiming your converted Excel file will be sent to the email address that you entered.

download converted file

Not only is the service free and fast, but it’s also surprisingly accurate for a free online tool. You will be able to start working on your newly converted Excel file right away without having to make any additional edits to it after conversion. The service also guarantees user privacy. According to its security policy, all email information and files are deleted from its servers after a period of 24 hours.

So if you are looking for a free, fast and highly precise PDF to Excel conversion tool, you really can’t go wrong with trying