Wei was captured by Mr Tong who tortures him badly. Wei then tries to escape the building,  but at a certain stage the space key does not work when Wei tries to save himself  from falling off the building. This is a known bug and its really frustrating. I pressed the space bar the same way as instructed but it didn’t work. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, I changed the controller layout and it worked !!

It was just an experimentation from my end. I’m not sure if the same solution would help you as well.

Go to Options —> Controller Layout




Scroll down to SPRINT/PARKOUR (VAULT) and change the space key to Right Mouse and then save changes.


controller layout

Once you successfully complete the task, you can change the on foot controls back to its default settings.  I hope this article has helped you to accomplish the task. Please let me know the outcome by commenting below.Happy Gaming!