Recently I read an article at where my favorite blogger Amit Agarwal had posted an article on How to fix Shaky Video with YouTube. I would like to share this with you all. Most videos shot at  home or during a party  are shaky this is because most of  the time the Mobile,Cam is held in our hands instead of a tripod. Previously there was no way to stabilize such videos.

But YouTube Engineers has found a solution to this problem where any shaky videos can be fixed with a  click of a button. Surprisingly the video becomes completely stable. Below is a shaky video shot by Amit at his DI office

And here is the same video after its fixed using the function provided in YouTube.He said it took several hours to fix the video and even the brightness and contrast could be adjusted.There is an effect function in YouTube.

So you  can see the Magic . This function will be very useful for all of us.I will quickly  try it after completing this article.You might be wondering on how to perform this Magic! Its pretty simple,Just check the video created by Amit and all your doubts will be solved. I take no credit in this article as its originally written by Amit.
Now,Easily fix any shaky video without any Efforts.Thanks to Amit  for sharing this useful article .