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Facebook Tips
Facebook is an excellent way to keep in touch with friends and family as well as make new friends that share your interests. It can be overwhelming when you first sign in, though, especially if you’re not familiar with social media. There are some tips and tricks you can use to make your Facebook experience more fun and enjoyable.


Hide Status Updates from Certain People
Many people are not aware that you can customize your status updates so that only certain people see certain updates. Many people use this to hide status updates from relatives who are overly prone to advice giving or friends they are annoyed with at the moment, but you can also use it to discuss birthday and anniversary surprises with everyone but the person you are planning on surprising.

To hide your status updates from certain people, click on the arrow next to your privacy setting for a particular post. (This setting is right next to where you type in your status. It will look like a globe if the status is set to public and like two people if the status is set to friends only.) Choose “customize” from the drop-down menu. You can then tell it to block certain people or groups of people from seeing the status. If you only want a select few people to read the status, you can tell it to block everybody except the people you list from seeing it.


Tag People in Status Updates
Conversely, if there’s a status update you particularly want people to see, you can tag them in it. Type the at sign (@) followed by the first name of the person you want to tag. A list of Facebook friends who have this name will pop up; click on the friend you want to tag. Your friend’s name will be highlighted in gray, and when you post it, his or her name will be blue. People can click on tagged names to access the tagged person’s profile, and your friend will receive a notification that you tagged him or her in the status.

Create a Word Cloud Out of Past Status Updates
Creating a colorful word cloud is a fun way to keep track of what you’ve been posting about. If you install the Status Analyzer 3D app on Facebook, it’ll create a graphic listing the top words you’ve been using in your posts. If you use Facebook to promote yourself or a business, this is a useful graphic you can post to help people see at a glance exactly what you’re all about. If you’re using Facebook for personal reasons, you can share the graphic with friends and ask them to install the app too so you can have fun comparing what you write about.


Turn Facebook into a Pirate Ship
Many people know that you can set Facebook to most languages heard around the world, but not everybody knows that you can set it to “Pirate” language. Setting Facebook to pirate language is fun because it converts your friends list and standard notifications into pirate talk. For example, the Share button is replaced with a button that says, “Blabber to ye mates.” Facebook won’t automatically change your statuses into pirate language, though; you’ll have to do that yourself or search online for an external app. ‘

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