Bring life to your emails. Have  you ever created an email signature having cool social media buttons, your photo,address,even Rss feed,disclaimer etc. Wisestamp has revolutionized signatures with wide range of possibilities. Even you can add HTML signatures in G-mail which is not allowed by default.

Take a look at  the below screenshot on how your email signatures will look .Wise stamp gives you a lot of options to customize your signature.the free versions has limited features but to get full access you need to upgrade for a nominal fee.

Currently its supports Firefox,Google Chrome and Safari. You can download the add-on for your browser freely.Once its installed it will  be displayed in your Gmail inbox in the following manner

You can easily edit your signature as per you need. You have to simply fill in your details and within seconds your professional  email signature will be ready. Thanks to Wise stamp for this innovative idea. Visit www.wisestamp.com and create your free email signature today