How to Add / Change Email Signature on Nokia Lumia

You can simply add or change Email Signature on Nokia Lumia in less than 30 seconds.  Let me go straight to the point, Inorder to change the default email signature i.e ” Sent from my Windows Phone ” to your own personalized signature. Please follow the below steps.

Adding Email Signature on Nokia Lumia


  • Tap on the mail tile from the start screen
  • Tap on more and select settings

lumia Email settings

  • Make sure the signature is ON
  • Change the default email signature  and add your personalized email signature

Email Signature on Nokia Lumia


  • And tap on the accept button.


You are good to go. Now display your signature on all your emails and also whenever you post updates on Facebook and social networking sites.  If you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment or ask a question in the forum


In my next article i will post about some useful nokia lumia apps, Stay tuned .


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  1. Very interesting and useful, thank you for sharing;)

  2. I love my windowsphone.

    • My phone is not working well , it just met with an accident 😀 . Now I have purchased an Android device

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