How to Make Perfect Unbreakable Passwords


 strong password

Do I need to explain the benefits of a strong password.everyone knows it why strong passwords are always recommended.A strong password must be a combination of letters,numbers,special characters.but the problem is how do i remember a password which has so many special characters,numbers etc.Let me tell you the easiest way to create strong unbreakable passwords.


Steps you need to follow:


  • Think of a sentence with 8-10 words,choose the one you can remember easily and which is unpredictable for others

           For Example : everyone loves to earn money for free but i don’t

  • Change some words to numbers like to = 2  and for= 4.
  • Now the sentence will look like: Everyone loves 2 earn money 4 free but I don’t
  • Select the starting letter from each word to make your password
  • everyone loves 2 earn money 4 free but i don’t: el2em4fbid
  • Now capitalize the First and Last letter
  • Original password : el2em4fbid
  • After Capitalization: El2em4fbiD (you can capitalize last two or as you wish)
  • Add special characters like !@#$%^&* etc
  • Our password looks like El2em4fbiD. Now add special character after the last letter and before the first letter
  • use the home and end buttons to move from last letter to first
  • !El2em4fbiD?
  • Its done! our final password !El2em4fbiD? A simple yet effective method

A Quick look at the process:


  • everyone loves to earn money for free but i don’t 
  • el2em4fbid
  • El2em4fbiD 
  • !El2em4fbiD?


I checked this password at  and the result was 100 million years to crack this password,sounds good right. 


how strong is my password


Now Quickly change your email, Facebook, Twitter, Bank, PayPal passwords.And always use different password for different websites.Its easy you can just modify the current password so that you never forget.Please post in your views as comments.its appreciated