create your own Google Search Story


Create your own Google search story in a matter of minutes.Google had created a 60 sec ad  made simply with some Google searches and people loved it so much that they launched a simple, easy to use video creation tool.Using this tool you can create mini movies.I don’t mean movies like in hollywood :p ,but simple movies of your google search queries.
With the help of this tool people have created movies on how to help japan ,how to impress a girl etc.While Others have used this tool for showing off their blogs or websites.Well ,I did the same here.I have created a small video on Pcpedia. Take a look at this video

People who are really creative can creative something exceptional out of it.For creating videos ,you simply need to enter some search queries,select your choice of music and Bingo your video is ready. Here is the link to Google Search Stories. Enjoy ,Have a nice day Here is the official video: