Facebook has finally shed off its old self and have moved on with a new layout that is getting so-so reviews from its hundreds of millions of users all over the globe. The current Facebook site looks just like the way it has after major changes and updates have been made over the past several months. Users of the biggest social networking site in the world are already aware of the changes that have been incurring since a few months back. This all began with the timeline feature which gave your profile page a totally different look and arrangement. The changes continued to steam roll through after that including changes being made in the ticker, photo viewer, ticker options and Skype-assisted video chat box. Not everybody was pleased with the changes and so far a lot having been getting mixed reviews with the new Facebook layout.

Google boldly made a move in the social networking world when it introduced its own social networking powerhouse called Google Plus. The search giant included video chat features, a “hangout” option and so much more. As a result of the new changes being brought about by Google, Facebook decided to make changes to its own site as well. This was a strategy that would keep Facebook loyalists interested in the site. And it has done so as update after update started rolling out for the next several months. Some critics even went on saying that Facebook copied Google Plus. But in the end, there were a lot of people who appreciated the changes being made. The Facebook that you see now is a result of the overhaul made over the past several months.

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Another thing that has changed in Facebook drastically is its layout. Aside from that, the site switched its policy with changes that led business to be an integral part of social networking. The strength of social media has now crossed an even platform with Facebook peaking at one billon. This is something that people should start paying attention to. This would make Facebook the most recognized form of social networking globally, eating up 80% of social users who go online to make updates. This is incredible since the figure alone actually represents a little over one sixth of Earth’s population. Facebook is ballooning so much that various business and other media outlets have merged themselves with the site thereby promoting communication between users and business partners/founders alike. The result is a huge following of promoting social interaction and business growth.

With that in hand, Facebook is a big thing in the social world that shouldn’t be ignored. Nowadays, you can find friends and even update your current status by simply logging into your mobile devices. In a snap, you can inform your Facebook friends about what you’re up to, what you intend to do and your say on a ton of things!

People are spending much more time on facebook mobile then they are on their PC’s because of the portability as well as high quality facebook apps found on new smartphones such as the Blackberry Torch 9800. Apple are taking it a step further and actually building in full facebook support into their new iOS 6 that will be released soon. With all this integration coming this year, Facebook looks set to continue it’s monumental growth.
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