BlackBerry X10 QWERTY Touch Smartphone

BlackBerry, as you all are aware, is a leading brand that is sold across the world. These wireless handheld devices are produced by Research in Motion, RIM in short, the very first of these devices that  was launched way back in 1999 was an email pager Today BlackBerry have crossed the 100 millionth mark already with an array of devices that are so popular in the markets across the world. As far as smartphones are concerned, BlackBerry has already crossed the 200 million, with the 200th million being shipped in September 2012. The popularity of the BlackBerry lies in the capacity to send and receive emails and instant messages (IMs), which are encrypted for added security.  The devices are also designed to act as personal digital assistants and media players that can be carried around in person with ease.  


Though there are several photos and videos offering a sneak peak at the BlackBerry X10 QWERTY Touch Smartphone, there is not much information available. What can be deduced from the photos and videos shows that the new BlackBerry is stylish and sleek and has curved corners.  Confirmed reports claim that the BlackBerry X10 QWERTY Touch Smartphone is slated to be launched on January 30, 2013. This was announced by the CEO of Blackberry, Thorsten Heins in Florida.


The release, which has been awaited with bated breath the world over, will be around the time the company plans to its new mobile platform that is to take place simultaneously in many countries across the world. The event was to have taken place on two occasions earlier, and was postponed due to reasons best known to the top brass at BlackBerry. The rumors claim that there could be two smartphone devices on the anvil, one being the popular touchscreen version, and the other one a keyboard version that is the mainstay of most existing BlackBerry users.  


However, the new devices are expected to be a lot smoother and faster than the ones available in the market, and come with the backing of an app store that is expected to be full of goodies you would want to download.  Though the company had to take a severe beating from the new entrants like the iPhone from Apple and the Android devices in the past two years, they have bounced back, as per the claims and rumors and come back with a vigor and have already received the necessary security clearance from the US government so that the staff working at the US and Canadian government agencies can equip themselves with these devices without any hitches.  


Believed to be an evolution of Dev Alpha devices, the sleek and stylish looking smartphones will have a removable back plate that is soft to touch with a firm grip. The removable battery can be accessed through the back plate and will have 1800 mAh, promising many hours of happy usage for the eager customers. The cleverly concealed SIM card and microSD slots are right beneath the back cover, the sides of which will have the power and volume control buttons. The front facing camera allows you to take shots of your mug, and make video calls to your friends and family.  Overall, the failing fortunes of RIM are expected to dramatically turnaround with the launch of BlackBerry X10.