How I solved the Black Border Problem on my Full HD LED Monitor

I fixed the overscan/underscan on an ATI card using catalyst control center options. I had a hard time finding a way to fix it but finally the screen fits perfectly. The problem only occurred when I used an HDMI cable for my monitor. It worked fine with the VGA cable. Even after updating the graphic card drivers the problem did not get resolved. I’m using a Viewsonic Full HD LED Monitor and I thought updating the drivers would fix the issue but there were no drivers for Windows 8 yet.

Auto Image Adjust option was disabled in the OSD Menu so I tried to check the Catalyst Control Settings and moving a simple slider did the trick. Read on…

How to Fix the Overscan/Underscan Issue

Helpful Links : 1.  What is Overscan   2. Overscan and why all TVs do it (Just for understand the Overscan and Underscan Concept)

  • Open Catalyst Control Settings from the task bar

catalyst control


  • If you selected Advanced View in preferences then  click on ‘My Digital Flat Panels’ from the left hand side bar and open ‘ Scaling Options (Digital Flat Panel)’


My Digital Flat Panels


  • Move the slider accordingly and adjust the edges of your display to fit the digital flat panel
  • That’s it,Problem resolved.

If you have selected Standard View in the preferences then click on ‘My Digital Flat Panels’ under ‘Desktops and Displays’


my digital flat panels basic


  • Under My Digital Flat Panels go to Scaling Options




  •   Move the slider accordingly and adjust the screen size.


The tutorial is for all ATI Radeon Graphic Card users, If you are using an Nvidia Graphics Card then search for scaling options in the driver menu. Thanks a lot for reading and I hope this tutorial did help you to fix the problem.  Please let me know via comments and I would be glad to assist.