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facebook applicationsAs well all know that Facebook is a great place to find old friends and meet some new friends too.over 350 million active users and  with Alexa traffic rank: 2 . Facebook is not only a place to be in touch with your friends but also where you can play loads of free games,use various applications and even search for jobs.I would like you to check out some of my favorite Facebook applications.

Best Facebook Applications:

iLike –Its an application that lets you add music, videos and playlist to 

your Facebook can even dedicate songs to your friends and also 
which all concerts they are attending.with over 1,151,047  people liking            
this application and 1,604,481 monthly active users 

Birthday Calender An useful application that lets you track all your  
friend’s Birthdays .it sends you reminders on upcoming birthdays .611,503 
people like this application and over 4,930,869  people use this application

birthday calender
Skype– Skype has integrated with Facebook and it lets you call you friends  
for free from Facebook.just    you  have to create a Skype account.over 
77,954 people like this application and 39,853 monthly active users
Picnik Easy to use photo editing tool that lets you edit your photos
easily.there are tons of fonts,shapes,effect and photo frames for photos.
over 1,200,356 people like this application and 2,808,083 monthly active 

 FlixsterIts is designed for movie lovers.You can flag films you want to see and also helps you keep a track of what movies you want to see next.and 
also lets you rate movies,take quizzes etc


Causes: It lets you join or start causes.the donations can benefit 
millions of registered non profit organisations. 

Sketch me– Turns your photo into a faux pencil sketch,gives you an arty look

sketch me

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